What are the PC requirements in order to play?

The games only work on Windows PCs. PC requirements: 1,4 Ghz and Windows XP, Vista or Seven with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

How do I download my games once my payment is accepted?

Go to the opponent page, add her to your collection and then click on the download button. You can download your games at any time, your account will be active unless you ask us to erase it.

How long do the downloads last? What is the size of the games?

The length of the downloads depends on the speed of your internet connection. Normally, downloading a demo should take between 2 and 5 minutes and downloading a game between 5 and 20 minutes (broadband).

Do I need an internet connection to play?

YES. Uplay-Istrip games require an internet connection to activate the game the first time you play after installation. Thereafter, an internet connection is not required for existing purchases.

What are the payment methods accepted?

You can pay by credit or debit card. You choose your payment to be processed via PaySite Cash or CCBill.

Are the online payments secure?

YES, absolutely secure. The payments are entirely managed by PaySite Cash and CCBill and both use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is the the most secure cryptography technology in the world. Your bank information will NEVER be transmitted to Uplay-Istrip or to any third party.

Is buying a game the same thing as buying an opponent?

YES. The game (program, interface) is systematically included when you download an opponent.

Can I install the games on several computers?

When you buy a game, the licence is granted for only two computers. If you want to install our games on more than two computers, you have to buy them twice with two different e-mail addresses.

What personal information is kept?

Uplay-Istrip only keeps an email address and a password in its database. We don't keep ANY other information about you (name, address, telephone number...).

Does Uplay-Istrip guarantee the anonymity of its customers? Will I receive mail or be solicited by telephone?

We don't keep any personal data. Your anonymity is thus guaranteed, you will never be called by Uplay-Istrip.

Will Uplay Istrip send me advertising emails or spam?

When you register, we ask you if you wish to be informed by email about new products on Uplay-Istrip (new opponents, new games). If you mark 'no', you will never receive emails from us. If you mark yes, you will only receive emails informing you about new products and nothing else.

Do the Uplay-Istrip games contain viruses or spyware?

NO, of course NOT! The games do not contain any malware!

I installed the game under Windows Vista but when I start the program, an error message appears and the game doesn't start.

First, check out your windows user account and make sure you've got the administrator rights. Then right click on Uplay-Istrip icon and choose "run as administrator"

I installed the game and I can launch the program, but when I click on the 'play' button, the game bugs or videos are displayed without any logic.

The game has been tested and functions on many computers, and with many different configurations. However it can't be 100% guaranteed.

This kind of problem are bound to codec. Some codec packs can cause these dysfunctions. It is the case of the Satsuki Decoder or the K-Lite Codec Pack for instance.

To play our games, follow these steps:

Under Windows XP:

  • 1) uninstall these codec packs
  • 2) uninstall Uplay-Istrip
  • 3) Download and install the K-lite Codec Pack, untick the "Xvid" box when the wizard asks you and follow wizard advice to avoid conflicts
  • 4) install Uplay-Istrip.

Under Windows Vista 32bits:

  • 1) uninstall these codec packs
  • 2) uninstall Uplay-Istrip
  • 3) Download and install the Vista Codec Package untick the "Xvid" box when the wizard asks you and follow wizard advice to avoid conflicts
  • 4) install Uplay-Istrip.

If you don't have these packs but this problem, contact Uplay-Istrip at info@uplay-istrip.com to receive a personalized technical assistance.

I changed my PC/formated my hard drive and I got an error message "license not valid" or "You can't install this game on this computer"

When you buy a game, the license is granted for only one computer. If you have changed your computer or formated your hard drive, click once on the "Update licence infos!" button in your my collection page. This button will only work once. If you changed twice your computer, contact us at info@uplay-istrip.com .