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Uplay-Istrip is a collection of strip games to download. All our games are entirely made with high quality interactive video. With Uplay-Istrip, you can challenge very hot babes to popular games such as strip-poker (Texas Hold'em), strip4, belote (a french card game), chess and sudoku. Our content is exclusive, you won't find it anywhere else. You can download free demos to test our products! And for each game, if you play well enough, you'll end up seeing a gorgeous girl naked.

Explore a new kind of strip tease games!

Girls from around the world play Sexy Belote, Strip Sudoku, Strip 4, Sexy Chess and Strip Poker.

The days of playing boring games with bad quality videos are over. New sexy girls are added regularly and all the games are based on interactive videos.

Uplay-Istrip games presentation

With Uplay-Istrip, enjoy a brand new range of strip-tease games. The main idea is simple: Games made with high quality videos to give the players a total sensation of interactivity. Each game has been created to be as realistic as possible and each victory leads to a strip-tease!

Its not only about seing sexy strip tease, the entire time you will play, the sexy girls in front of you will do everything they can to drive you crazy and make you loose your concentration with sexy and provocative moves. Uplay-Istrip games have nothing to see with boring puzzles you have to solve to see a bad quality picture of a naked girl. It's the adult game you have been looking for. You will have fun whilst playing a game with real interest and while seeing erotic  videos of cheeky girls.

Uplay-Istrip Strip-poker is totaly different from the strip poker computer games you have played before. It's composed entirely of interactive videos follows the rules of the most popular of the varieties of poker, the Texas Hold'em. You can play against up to four opponents simultaneously. Each opponent has her own distinct personality and plays differently. It's up to you to unmask the bluffers. All the probabilities are respected scrupulously. The players choose their cards only according to their hand and the reactions of the other players. New girls, always sexy, will be regulary added to the game.

The Belote is a famous french card game. The Sexy Belote of u play - i strip is not only for belote fans. It's a sexy game that combines reflection and excitement. You challenge a two-player team with your partner. It's the only belote game with interactive video and of course the only one with sexy strip tease too.

U play, I strip Strip4 is the strip tease version of a popular and famous game. Your cheeky opponents play against you through sexy interactive videos, and they are determined to win! Stay concentrated if you want to see the strip-teases!

Sexy Chess by Uplay Istrip is a new version of a world famous game. Challenge your sexy opponent! Each time you capture an important piece, she will show you something... Try to catch her queen, her bishop, her knight or her rook! And if you win, a new game mode will be unlocked...

Uplayistrip sudoku has been created to give you the possibility to play to this popular game in a cheeky style. Solve a randomly generated sudoku board! Boards are different each time but the girl who challenges you can't help laughing at you if you fail... The players have only one goal: to distract you. It will be difficult to keep from being distracted by their sexy provocations! Remember that each board that you solve is followed by a strip-tease! The entire game is composed of interactive videos.

About strip-tease

The striptease is, like everybody knows, an erotic show where a striper get naked in a sexy or funny way. This kind of adult show that you can find in cabaret and special bars is mainly present in a famous game, the strip poker. But there's a lot of other games having quality strip versions. That's why U play- I strip has not created only a new strip poker but an entire range of famous strip games. New games and new girls will be regularly added. If you've got any kind of suggestion, don't hesitate to contact us by email : Waiting to hear from you, we hope you will spend a good time playing at our sexy strip video games.