Angel Piaff

Strip-Poker - 2 - 4

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2018-07-06 07:38:49

Eccy75 dont be mad cause you cant win


2017-02-23 00:52:06

very sexy from start to finish


2017-02-05 07:18:51

I was patient and it eventually was worth the wait. The end pose is perfect.


2017-02-04 08:30:53

Forth pair of aces, yet when checked probability of pair of aces is well into millions to one. This organization loves taking money but someone can't make a realistic game. I've played thousands of hours and know on average I win at least one in three games, not with these rigged games.


2017-02-04 06:35:34

Not bad, she just got two full houses consisting of kings and nines. I won one hand out of the hands we have played. She has had six pair of kings I have only had one, WHY? It's rigged that's why. I asked for my money back along time ago, but never got a reply. If it wasn't so rigged in girls favour I wouldn't have to make these comments now would I.


2017-02-04 05:42:43

Another bullshit game. Only played three rounds and every one she won with a pair of kings. I had pair of sixes first round, pair of tens next round and pair of fives next round. F---ing rigged or what, My bloody oath mate.